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OnBoarding Columbus

OnBoarding Columbus is designed for executives who are relatively new to Columbus or others recently promoted to top jobs requiring more community connection. Participants will gain a quick, but lasting, perspective of Columbus.

Upcoming Program Dates:

>>May 2 & 3
>>November 7 & 8

Cost: $600 per person/$1,000 per couple
*which includes meals, transportation, parking and materials. Limited scholarships are available based on need. To request a OnBoarding scholarship, click here. Scholarships will only be considered before registration.


Packed into two unforgettable days, OnBoarding offers community orientation and networking opportunities that enable participants to learn about and connect with our community from the inside. It’s a perspective few have experienced. But participants are empowered by what they see, hear and learn. The program is designed to provide valuable information about the issues facing our community, and how leadership can play an active role in solving those issues. At the same time, it’s a unique opportunity to meet new people who share a common interest in moving Columbus forward.

“”When I moved to Columbus, I knew very little about the city beyond my new office colleagues and neighbors. OnBoarding Columbus was the perfect introduction to this growing metropolis and its vibrant communities. I was amazed by the access granted by Laurie and her incredible team. We met leadership across sectors, including city government, business, philanthropy and the arts. The OnBoarding Columbus experience, in just two days, instilled a great pride in my new city and furthermore a desire to give back. In my fellow attendees, I met new business associates and friends alike. I highly recommend OnBoarding Columbus to anyone new to the Central Ohio or just looking to reconnect with our fantastic city.””

Mac Joseph
Vice President, Digital Marketing
Paul Werth Associates


Participants explore the places that make Columbus extraordinary. Given its two-day time frame, OnBoarding can only expose a subset of the places we visit in the Signature Program. But we do showcase some of the city’s key institutions and neighborhoods including: City Hall, The Columbus Museum of Art, The Ohio Statehouse, Kelton House, German Village and the Short North. Often described as the most enlightening aspect of the OnBoarding program, participants interact personally with “names in the news” city, corporate and community leaders who candidly share their experiences and views on the pressing issues we face as a community.

The final step in the OnBoarding process is the assistance Leadership Columbus’ ability to connect participants with community causes they care deeply about. Whether you have lived in Columbus all your life or just moved here, OnBoarding Columbus is an eye-opening encounter that gives participants an opportunity to:

  • Gain an historical perspective of Columbus
  • Explore Columbus as the Capital City
  • Learn about local education
  • Discover the artistic side of Columbus – from theaters to galleries
  • Learn about economic development and the business community
  • Explore social service demands and resources
  • Meet with established community leaders and trustees

What’s in it for my company?

  • Helps your new hires feel “at home” right away
  • Rewards and re-energizes your longer term hires
  • Helps your organization establish links and make connections with other companies and agencies in the area

What’s in it for the Community?

Onboarding  Columbus is an effective workforce development tool.     It makes no sense for a company to expend the effort of attracting talent to Columbus and only orienting them to the company culture where they work.  CEO’s should understand that it is equally important to learn about the community and ways to become involved that are professionally and personally enriching and rewarding.  It is especially important for trailing spouses and partners to gain an immediate foothold in Columbus so they can feel part of our community and are more likely to be happy, and therefore want to stay here and truly make Columbus their home. 

Upcoming Program Dates:

>>May 2 & 3
>>November 7 & 8

Cost: $600 per person/$1,000 per couple


For more information, contact Kevin Terry Smith at 614-225-6094 or