Graduates of our programs share a strong connection. Why?

We go deep and invite people to join us on a journey of discovery, about themselves and their communities. We empower participants to show up in their places of work, in their homes, and in their communities.

And to do great things.

To connect with and inspire others.

To create positive change.

To advocate and educate within their circles of influence.

To continue their personal and professional growth.

To achieve their dreams.

Recent program participants express a sense of belonging and felt they were cared for as individuals. They were able to see themselves represented in the classes and curriculum, a curriculum that feels “individualized and personal”. And participants tell us they feel “connected and supported by Leadership Columbus” even after their program ended.

We are always looking for more ways to engage with Alumni – be sure to check out all the opportunities available now on the Alumni Engagement Program page. Additionally, here are more links relevant to our alumni!