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Great Leaders | Great Bosses Workshop Series

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The Great Leaders | Great Bosses Workshops are designed for individuals who are—or who aspire to be—leaders and managers regardless of industry or occupation. Sessions are delivered in context of the realities, pressures and expectations of today’s workplace. Participants will learn practical skills they can implement immediately upon returning to work.

This workshop is for you if you want to be the kind of boss everyone wants to work for. This workshop is for your company if you want your bosses to be the best they can be.


January – June 2020 (workshop dates vary) | 8-10 a.m. | Columbus Metropolitan Library (Main Auditorium)


$125/ per workshop* (includes continental breakfast)


SOLD OUT – January 28, 2020: Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: A Workplace Battle Royale

We know the stereotypes: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z. In the workplace, the generational divide is most apparent when comparing communication styles, work preferences, and values—which describes just about everything that matters at work. It’s easy to point to generational stereotypes as evidence or blame when something goes awry. Sometimes those stereotypes are funny. Sometimes they are true. But, mostly, generational stereotypes serve only to perpetuate disharmony and discord at work.

In this session, we’ll explore a little bit of history, some psychology, and a whole lot of popular culture to uncover the reality of who the generations are, why they matter, and how each contributes to the workplace. We’ll outline a definitive plan for managers to use that effectively accommodates all the generations in the workplace. Companies whose managers treat their employees in a generationally appropriate way benefit from a more productive and engaged workforce.

February 25, 2020: Hiring for Non-HR

Everyone knows what it’s like to be a candidate interviewing for a job. Many of us also have the employer’s perspective: as the hiring manager, on the interview team or in candidate selection. Despite this wealth of practical experience, most of us don’t recognize the flaws prevalent in the traditional hiring process. Indeed, some practices persist even though they are impractical or counterproductive. Sometimes we get lucky and make a terrific hire. A wrong choice, however, can have a lasting, negative impact on the workgroup’s effectiveness.

In this session, we’ll look at the hiring process from beginning to end to identify where improvements can be made. We’ll investigate the most common practices interfering with our ability to make sound hiring decisions. We’ll discuss practical ways to increase the pool of available candidates for all your positions. And, we’ll propose specific steps individuals can take to improve their role in the hiring process. Better hiring decisions increase the productivity of workgroups and profitability of the company overall.

March 24, 2020: Diversity Every Day for Everyday People – Rescheduled Date TBA

While we know the importance of Diversity (“as managers”), many of us hesitate to be active contributors. Rather than leading with intent, we defer to rules defined and enforced by “experts”. Yet diversity has a profound impact on our places of work. It’s in our best interest to know how to ensure small issues don’t grow into huge problems.

In this workshop, to understand our innate decision-making process, we’ll explore biases and stereotypes from a physiological perspective. We’ll lean into practices of self-awareness to become more open to perspectives different than our own. We’ll learn how to recognize when we’re being led by our biases rather than with purpose. We’ll learn what to say and do when we’ve said or done the wrong thing. And we’ll present the three most important skills every person needs to know to become a confident personal practitioner of Diversity.

Managers who possess practical skills to navigate tricky situations with confidence will provide a workplace where everyone can give their best to increase the success of the company.

SOLD OUT – April 28, 2020: The Right Incentives for True Employee Motivation (Virtual)

Managers through the ages have labored to uncover the perfect combination of incentives to motivate performance and reward individual effort. Though the goal is to ensure individual and corporate success, the resulting policies and practices are usually neither satisfying nor effective for anyone.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the historical influences on incentives and why, in a modern workplace, those traditional systems are ineffective. We’ll examine available tools—over and above wages and benefits—useful in inspiring and motivating teams. And we’ll investigate our own values and preferences to understand what inspires us.

Managers who are skilled at motivating their employees will benefit from employees who possess a deeper commitment to their work, which ultimately results in enhanced productivity and increased company profits.

SOLD OUT – May 26, 2020: Why Should We Even Bother with Employee Engagement? (Virtual)

Should businesses care about engagement? According to Gallup, “organizations that are the best in engaging their employees achieve earnings-per-share growth that is more than four times that of their competitors.” Even though employee engagement is correlated to company profitability, most managers don’t understand what it is exactly. Companies end up spending time, effort and money doing the wrong things for little return. While these wrong things may be fun and cool, they do nothing to advance the business.

In this workshop, we’ll explore what employee engagement really is and how to measure it. We’ll consider the most effective engagement-related policies, practices and processes. We’ll discuss the four major factors that impact true employee engagement. We’ll discuss why engagement is imperative, especially when times are tough. Rather than pursuing superficial activities that cost a lot and are ineffective and unsustainable, managers who implement effective engagement practices add to the company’s bottom line.

June 23, 2020: Tips & Tricks for Great Leaders & Great Bosses (Virtual)

Please note: This workshop will be a virtual format from 8:30-10 a.m. A half-hour follow-up call with the facilitator will be offered on two dates the following week.

While there are plenty of training programs focusing on leadership, there are very few dedicated to the intricate and often distasteful aspects of managing people. While not glamorous, the ability to effectively manage the people who work for us is vital for our personal satisfaction and professional success–not to mention the benefits that come to the companies we work for.

In this session, we’ll outline best practices for motivating direct reports, managing conflict, and ensuring the right work gets done in a timely manner. We’ll provide efficiency tools managers can use with their teams. We’ll outline practices managers can implement to modify the behavior of troublesome employees. And, if termination is necessary, we’ll review the approach every manager should take to handle the situation with respect and professionalism. Company profits follow when they employ great managers who implement the right talent practices to ensure individuals and teams are operating at the top of their engagement and productivity.


Andrea Applegate is founder and president of Applegate Talent Strategies, a boutique consulting practice providing practical, talent-focused advice and guidance to employers.

Her solutions are well-suited for those businesses which, knowing that profits will follow, seek to attract, retain, engage and develop their best workforce.

According to Andrea, a great place to work offers a perfect blend of wages/benefits, environment/culture and values/respect. The ‘perfect blend,’ though, is unique to each business and is uncovered through Applegate’s proprietary Talent Assessment process.

Andrea has nearly two decades of experience in workforce and talent. She led workforce initiatives on behalf of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and Columbus2020, and provided leadership to workforce-focused nonprofits. In her current role, Andrea is passionate about bringing balance to the workforce Imbalance Sheet (©2019). Andrea is also a graduate of the Leadership Columbus Signature Program Class of 2005.


Tips & Tricks for Great Leaders & Great Bosses (June 23, 2020) – $125

Workshop seats are limited. Register early to guarantee your spot!