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Leadership Columbus Announces Acquirement of Relā programs, NxGen and ExecGen

Expanded programming will offer a comprehensive continuum to meet the needs of current and aspiring leaders in addition to senior level executives

Leadership Columbus today announced an expansion of programming as the organization will assume responsibility of two of Relā’s programs, who is sunsetting their organization at the end of 2021 and has impactful programs that fit into the learning and development arena. Leadership Columbus will assume Relā’s programs and keep the legacy of those programs alive while building out their own programming.

“We are eager to expand Leadership Columbus’s programming to satisfy the growing demand for personal and professional development opportunities in our region.  Assuming the responsibility of delivering the NxGen and ExecGen programs gives us an effective and efficient way to address this demand while honoring Rela’s legacy of innovative leadership programming development,” said Leadership Columbus Board Chair, Eddie Pauline.

The combined programs will complement the Leadership Columbus Signature Program and offer expanded programs for leaders at every level. Both organizations have alumni, supporters and champions who want to see the NxGen and ExecGen programs continue.

“Relā’s rich history in Columbus is one to be admired and never forgotten. It’s our honor to be a part of ensuring that legacy lives on through two of Relā’s most impactful programs, NxGen and ExecGen,” said Leadership Columbus Executive Director, Shannon Lee.

According to Lee, these programs fit perfectly within the Leadership Columbus future vision of growth by providing specific programs for both young professionals (NxGen) and seasoned professionals (ExecGen) centered on servant leadership and emotional intelligence – two areas of study not often taught in your average large-scale leadership development experience.

“We know that Leadership Columbus is the right place to carry on our legacy and we are pleased this allows them to broaden their program offering, as they continue to attract leaders and deliver market-leading leadership experiences to our community,” said Relā Board President, Sam Queeno.

Lee says this is a win-win situation since both organizations value service and servant leadership, collaboration, making a difference, and developing leaders.

About Rela

The Gathering/Columbus was founded in 1988 as a local chapter of a national organization, The Gathering. The local chapter decided to reorganize after responding to community need for an expanded mission and vision in the area of leadership development. The result was the establishment of Relā in 2014. Since that time, Relā expanded to over a dozen programs focusing on leadership skills, management training and helping professionals from all over Ohio grow personally and professionally.

About Leadership Columbus

The mission of Leadership Columbus is to develop, connect and inspire diverse leaders who serve as catalysts in building a strong and vibrant community. Today, Leadership Columbus provides education and training for emerging and existing leaders in the Columbus area. Since 1974, Leadership Columbus has been the premier training ground to educate, empower, equip, and prepare more than 3,000 individuals to become the current and future trustees in and for our community. Leadership Columbus graduates have contributed to the quality of life in Central Ohio by their deeds and actions. In addition to completing more than 200 community projects, Leadership Columbus alumni have assumed positions of leadership in government, banking, business, industry, nonprofit sectors, politics, journalism, education, philanthropy, law and neighborhood development. In addition, graduates populate the boards of the arts, health care and innumerable other nonprofit organizations in Central Ohio.