Community Impact Project

A key component of our 10-month Signature Program experience is the Community Impact Project (CIP). This is the laboratory portion of our curriculum where the class participants self-select into small groups and work with an established nonprofit organization on a project/cause about which they have a collective interest. The goals of the CIP experience are to expand participants’ knowledge of our community’s social service and human needs and to allow participants to build and leverage their leadership, management and team-building skills to address a specific need.

Learn more about previous Leadership Columbus Community Impact Projects and how they have impacted the quality of life in Greater Columbus:

Each year, we reach out to local nonprofits with a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) process, so that we can make a successful match if there are existing project opportunities in an established organization that align with a group’s interest.

All RFPs for CIPs received by October 28, 2021 will be internally reviewed, and those that meet our qualifications will be provided to the incoming class for their consideration. Class participants typically select their community impact project no later than the end of the year preceding their graduation year (thus December 2021 for the Class of 2022. Class participants who are interested in specific project proposals will contact the submitting nonprofit organization directly to set up an introductory/exploratory meeting.

Work on the CIPs typically begin between December and January and, depending on the project, finish with the class’ completion of the Signature Program in June. In some instances, project work will continue on past that date.

IMPORTANT: Please note that class participants self-select their projects based upon their civic concerns, passions and interests; therefore, submitted proposals MAY or MAY NOT be selected for implementationShould your project be chosen by a group, please note the following expectations of your organization in the process:

  • The nonprofit cannot utilize the Leadership Columbus cohort for strictly fundraising or resource development.
  • The nonprofit agency/organization cannot be the employer of a group project team member, nor can the participant currently be serving as a board member for the nonprofit.
  • The agency/organization must be an active, collaborative partner in the project.
  • There must be a paid nonprofit agency/organization staff liaison who agrees to work with the project team and who will continue to work on the project after the project team members have completed their roles (if necessary).
  • There must be clearly defined staff roles versus group project member roles.

The proposal submission period is closed.

If you have any questions about the Community Impact Project process of the Signature Program and/or the RFP process, please contact Collin Ries.