Hall of Fame

Recognizing graduates who have made significant contributions through exemplary community trusteeship.

Since 1974, Leadership Columbus has been building a legacy of trusteeship through developing community leaders, offering opportunities to strengthen personal leadership skills, exploring solutions to community issues and creating a network among local leaders from diverse backgrounds.  The Leadership Columbus Hall of Fame Award recognizes the contributions of individuals who have continued this legacy through outstanding community stewardship.

Award recipients have made contributions in the following ways:

  • Provided ongoing support to the Columbus community through leadership and trusteeship roles with various non-profit organizations
  • Served as a champion for a strong community
  • Demonstrated significant leadership and advocacy for policies that strengthen greater Columbus

Leadership Columbus Hall of Fame Award Recipients:

  • Megan Kilgore, Class of 2008
  • Bill LaFayette, Class of 2004
  • Joshua Corna, Class of 2002
  • Ahmad Al-Akhras, Class of 2000
  • Christie Angel, Class of 1995
  • Jeni Britton Bauer, Class of 2004
  • John Bickley, Class of 1989
  • Cathy Blackford, Class of 1986
  • Mike Curtin, Class of 1990
  • Mary Jo Hudson, Class of 2000
  • Melissa Ingwersen, Class of 1988
  • Cathy M. Lyttle, Class of 1993
  • Mark Real, Class of 1983
  • Susan D. Rector, Class of 1989
  • J. Randall Schoedinger, Class of 1988
  • Roger Sugarman, Class of 1989