The Leadership Columbus programs and experience has made a difference in the lives of so many people. What follows is a recent note that was sent to the Leadership Columbus team.

Hi Laurie,

LC Group ImageThought you might get a kick out of seeing a group of "oldies" from the 92/93 class. We had dinner last night at Bon Vie and, as usual, it was non-stop talking and laughing. We wondered if there are many other work groups that have remained close as we have. We had a great group experience during Leadership Columbus and have enjoyed our friendship since then.

Hope things are good with you and that the program is thriving.

Judy Murdock

(Left to right: Jim Long, Steve Middleton, Jerri Yoest, Susan Poling, Cheryl Carpenter and me)

Laurie & Katie,

Read Harris and I wanted to let you know of a great success story for both of our businesses that is a direct result of Leadership Columbus.
Through our Leadership Columbus project we discussed how philanthropic organizations use dollars to educate the community on issues their organizations are trying to impact.
Read and I started working last year on a project called “Red Cross Ready” as a partnership between the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus and WBNS-10TV. The program would offer education on planning, CPR/First Aid, Swimming Safety and other initiatives. Additionally, it would provide the ARC with a vehicle to get needed emergency/disaster information to the community quickly and efficiently (i.e., Haiti Relief, Blood shortages, local disasters, etc.)
Read worked with the United Way of Central Ohio to support the initiative and it should launch in early April.
This is a great testimony for Leadership Columbus. Read and I had never met prior to Camp Akita. More importantly, by participating in “Extension of Learning” events, we got to understand each other business and how we could help one another. The real winner from “Red Cross Ready” are those in need in central Ohio. Trusteeship of the community, good business, and good friendship; great hallmarks for Leadership Columbus.
Thank you both for setting the stage that made this project possible.

Frank Willson
Director of Operations
770 Twin Rivers Drive
Columbus, OH  43215
Central Ohio’s News Leader!